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With hundreds and thousands of mobile phones available on the market, it can be quite difficult to know what type of phone to get. This mobile phones guide will hopefully help mobile users get a fair idea of what they need to look out for when buying a new handset. Handsets are separated into the following categories:

Basic Phones
As simple as it sounds, it is a handset that has limited functionalities and is a best start for users that are not as technology savvy and those who just want a convenient device to make and receive phone calls and send text messages. The basic phones are usually very low priced and are suitable for those who do not require any sophistication or care much about the looks and features.

Camera Phones
There are more and more better built-in camera phones being launched onto the market and some with higher pixels that those of a digital camera. Camera phones are suitable for users who like to take snapshots wherever they go and to send off to friends or families to see instantly. Prices of picture messaging have also reduced significantly over the years and some providers also offer free picture messaging. Newer, more advanced camera phones include a flashlight, autofocus/fixed focus, face/smile/blink detection, optical zoom and photo editing abilities. The prices of camera phones vary across the market, however some can be purchased from as little as £20 but the photo quality is not as good.

Multimedia Phones
From music player to video player, the multimedia phone has it all. A majority of mobile phones launched on the market today will include a music player as standard, but the video player is still not available on all phones just yet. Multimedia phones enable users to listen to downloaded music on their mobile device without the need to purchase a separate music player. Multimedia phones will usually have a memory card slot to enable the user to expand the memory size so more songs can be installed onto the phone. The video player on the multimedia phones allows users to watch and film videos with the help of the in-built camera. Users should look out for the type of audio/video format available on the phone and also the amount of memory available/expandable as it will be important in choosing the right phone.

Sooner or later, all phones will have Smartphone abilities; it incorporates all the basic, camera and multimedia in one as well as internet access, e-mail, app downloads and various other functionalities including touch screen displays and QWERTY keyboards. Prices of Smartphones are much more expensive than the rest, but it is the impressive processor and platform built into the phones which makes them standout. These phones were initially designed for business users, but with the increase in social networking; more are being developed to bring in users from all ages to stay connected with their friends and families.

The above is just a brief guide on the type of phones available in the current market, but understanding the different handset categories is a good start in helping to decide which type of phone is best to buy.





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