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About Orange :

Orange is currently the third largest mobile service provider within the UK and the fifth largest telecom operator in the world. With its recent go ahead by the EU Commission of the joint venture with T-mobile, this means that they will soon be the market leader in the UK with over 29 million customers.

Impressive as it sounds, forming alliances means that there should be even more benefits for its existing customers as well as new customers who joins up with Orange. Competing with the other mobile service providers, it has done pretty well in gaining it’s fair bit of market share.

Users will find that orange provides a number of competitive tariffs and services, the monthly plans includes Dolphin packages, Racoon packages, Panther packages and other best for value packages. The Dolphin packages are suitable for people who texts a lot as unlimited texts are available, the Racoon are best for landlines with unlimited landline calls and the Panther package is for e-mailing where there are unlimited push e-mails.

Even the pay as you go option has a number of tariff packages to choose from such as Monkey, Canary, Camel, Racoon and Dolphin. Each and every package allows for a different benefit so depending on what the user uses more often either talk or text more, they have the option to choose and top up to get free calls or free texts of course the amount of free texts or calls will depend on how much the user credits their phones.

Not only has the competitive and tailor-type packages been great for its customers, its Orange Wednesdays have encouraged more people to go to cinemas with the buy one get one free incentive, as well as good coverage all around the UK. Overall, the Orange network is a competitive network provider with good signal and has plenty of the latest phones available for customers to choose from.

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