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Talkmobile will take over Fresh Mobile and MobileWorld next Friday (19th March 2010), it is a company operated by the Carphone Warehouse that uses the Vodafone network. It offers a multiple number of mobile phone packages with SIM only tariffs, monthly plans and pay as you go options.

The pay as you go SIM only offers the following rewards:
• Textmania – offers unlimited texts which are valid for a certain period of time with a £5 top up providing unlimited texts for 7days, £10 for 14days, £15 for 21days and £20 for 30 days.
• Globetalker – offering free international minutes rewards which is great for keeping in touch with families or friends living abroad and top up starting from £10 offering 50 free minutes, £15 offering 100minutes, £20 200minutes, £30 300minutes, £40 400minutes, £50 500minutes and are all valid for up to 30days.
• Chatterbox - £5 top up for 30 free minutes valid for 7days, £10-£15 60minutes valid for 14days and £20+ 120minutes valid for 30days.
• Familyfusion – probably a better option than the Textmania and Chatterbox as it offers free minutes (£5 for 50, £10-£15 for 100 and £20+ for 200) and unlimited texts on all packages but valid for 7, 14 and 30 days respectively.

There are also pay monthly one month contracts with packages called SIMpleworld, SIMpletext, SIMple unlimited and SIMpletalker. Prices start from £7.50 a month and have different texts and free minutes with each package apart from the SIMple unlimited which is unlimited for both except a 30p per day usage for unlimited internet. The SIMpleworld however, offers 200/400 free UK/International calls and 1000/unlimited texts depending on the package chosen.

Last but not least, the monthly plan packages which is subject to 24 months contract starts from £4.99 for the Talker package and £8.49 for the Texter package. There are also a number of different handsets to choose from and will sooner or later be recognised as a worthy competitor in the mobile service provider market.






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